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the truth about: v-day


Hi Pearls,




Love is in the air- valentine´s day is coming soon... Every February 14, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. I was totally overwhelmed by all the advertisement, special offers and expectations I got the last weeks and days. I thought about all the different opportunities – but what would I like to get? What would I like to give? Moreover, who is this mysterious Saint, and where did these traditions come from?




I have read many articles about all the different stories and traditions. According to the one I like the most, a legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually, sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he had fallen in love with a young girl–possibly his jailor’s daughter–who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today. More interesting facts about Valentine's day you can find here.


Whatever the traditions are- For me Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship.




I was so inspired by all the impressions and feelings that I chose to design a poster with all the places I have been with the ones I love the most. I decided to make myself a present to search the pictures and to remember all the memories and to give one to each person I love.  I´ve ordered the posters here. It´s a print partner service I know from business. The quality is great and it´s easy to handle. I´m really happy with the decision I have made.



I´m looking forward to seeing how my partner, family and best friends will like my Valentine´s gift. If not, they will definitely love my blueberry-cheese-cake muffins <3…




Well, I think the best strategy or way to find the right gift or the right thing to do is the same as in business - always choose the one you would like for yourself. It´s something very individual- like a dream job J and your “Valentine” will love it.




Lots of Love,





hamburg guide part ii - elbphilharmonie

Hi Pearls,


this weekend I got spoiled by my love with tickets for the new Elbphilharmonie. I'm still overwhelmed from the Saturday night NDR concert. I could never have imagined how impressive a concert hall & a classic concert could be.


For all who have never heard about the Elphie - It is a concert hall in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg next to the Elbe River. It is one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world.


The project was criticized because of its cost overruns. However the architecture is amazing & it's a new cultural highlight for Hamburg. The Opening with an impressive light show was only three weeks ago & you can feel the hype everywhere. All tickets for the next six months were sold out within the first hours.


For me it was an unique night. Even if you don't listen to classic music very often (like me), the acoustic is an experience I will never forget. If you ask me if it's worth the hype? IT IS!


"sometimes the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. The ones that sweep you off your feet and challenge every view you've ever had."


Love, Amelie



Blazer: Tommy by Gigi

Dress: Couture One

Jewellery: Chopard

Hair & Make Up: INES JUHL


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event review - Polo kitzbühel

Hi Pearls,


every year in January a very exclusive Polo-Event takes place in Kitzbühel – it is one of the most prestigious Polo events in the world. It was founded in 2003, so this year was already the 15th cup!


For three days international teams (this year for example: “Maserati”, “Valartis” and “Engel & Völkers) from the whole world compete for the trophy.


Watching the game, horses playing in the snow with the great mountain view is absolutely amazing, so I get back to it every single year.


Fortunately the cold (-8 degree!!!) is no problem, because there is a large heated tent, where you can find everything you can imagine, when it comes to food and beverages: scallops, beef tartar, italian & asian food, but also traditional austrian dishes, and you have to try all of the ten proposed signature drinks (if champagne is too boring ;-))!


The visitors are from all over the world, mostly from the US or UK, so it is also a nice place for getting together and do a little networking!


Since the cup always finishes in the early afternoon you still have time to do some wellness (I recommend the spa area at the “AROSA Hotel”) before preparing for the fantastic after party at “Take Five” in Kitzbühel.


Enjoy your time pearls,



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abu dhabi - Abenteuer zwischen wüste und meer

Hi Pearls,


Neugierig und völlig unvorbereitet bin ich in unsere Reise nach Abu Dhabi gestartet. Normalerweise fange ich einen Monat vor Reisebeginn an mich akribisch mit allen Sehenswürdigkeiten und Locations auseinanderzusetzen, sodass ich bis Reiseantritt jeden einzelnen Tag durchgeplant habe. Dieses Mal sollte das jedoch anders sein, da wir von unseren arabischen Freunden aus Abu Dhabi eingeladen wurden, sodass ich mich einfach überraschen lassen wollte.


Nach unserer Ankunft verbrachten wir den Rest des Tages im Emirates Palace, wohl eines der beeindruckendsten Hotels der Welt mit vielen traditionell arabischen Elementen. Relativ schnell war mir klar, dass die Araber vor allem eines mögen: Essen - am liebsten den ganzen Tag und durchgehend. Von der „Teatime“, die von unseren arabischen Freunden jeden Tag ausgiebig mit vielen verschiedenen Kuchen und Keksen, da das nicht reichte gerne auch mit Karamell- oder Schokoladensaucen zelebriert wurde, sind wir direkt zum Abendessen übergegangen. Den Abend verbrachten wir in einem der Restaurants namens „Hakkasan“ mit dem Neffen und Sohn unseres Gastgebers bei exzellentem chinesisch-modernen Essen und Geschichten über die Stadt, die Bedeutung des Öls für ihre rasante Entwicklung und den allseits verehrten Sheik Zayed bin Sultan, den Gründer der VAE.


Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi umfasst größtenteils Shoppingtouren in den unzähligen Malls und das Bewundern der modernen Architektur. Umso größer war meine Freude als man uns mitteilte, dass wir einen Ausflug in die Wüste, auf die familieneigene Farm im Heimatort unseres Gastgebers machen werden. Eine Oase mit eigener kleiner Dattelproduktion, Hühnern, Ziegen und sogar zwei Gazellen - es war ein wunderschönes Lagerfeuer vorbereitet, rundherum lagen Teppiche aus und waren kleine Zelte aufgestellt. Ich hatte mich eigentlich auf ein Wochenende ohne fließendes Wasser und warmes Essen vorbereitet, sodass ich vorsichtshalber einen Haufen Süßigkeiten und kleinere Snacks eingepackt hatte. Weit gefehlt, das Haus war hochmodern, außerdem war die super liebe Haushälterin mitgekommen und hatte uns ein traumhaft leckeres Abendessen gezaubert (ja, die Schokoriegel konnte ich wohl getrost in meiner Tasche lassen!). Die Araber sind generell relativ actiongetrieben, sodass wir uns nach dem Abendessen schnell mit Quads mitten in der Nacht in der Wüste wiederfanden, es war zwar nicht viel zu sehen, aber man verspürte dennoch bereits Nachts das Gefühl von Freiheit und kompletter Unbeschwertheit. Das Wüstenfieber hatte uns gepackt - um den Sonnenaufgang zu erleben saßen wir am nächsten Morgen bereits um 5 Uhr wieder auf unseren Quads, die allesamt witzigerweise mit bayrischen Flaggen ausgestattet waren, unser Gastgeber bezeichnet sich selbst als „halb bayrisch, halb arabisch“. Wir verbrachten den halben Tag dort, rasten die Dünen herauf und herunter und verliebten uns in die Weite und Ruhe der Wüste.

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Goodbye 2016

Another year has come and (almost) gone, so it´s about time we look back to all the sad and exciting things that happened in 2016 and at the same time get ready to welcome the new year ahead. A lot happened in 2016: for the world, for Europe and for us Pearls as well.


Europe, our beloved continent, has been shaken in its core by the hand of people who claim to act in the name of their “god” but, in truth, are nothing more than a bunch of gutless cowards. We will always remember the vicious attacks in Brussels, Nizza, Ansbach, Istanbul and, more lately, Berlin.

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Hamburguide part i - perfect hairdresser

Hi Pearls,


as you all know I decided to move to Hamburg a few months ago and as always in a new city I'm completely lost when it comes to things like new doctors, supermarkets, fav coffee places and of course a hairdresser I can trust.  In my case I always try to get recommendations from friends or colleagues, but this time this was much more difficult, because most of my colleagues are men and I don't know that many people in Hamburg right know.


It was very surprised how many people started asking me about recommendations about my new "home" town & so I started to think about this Hamburg Guide. I think it could be very helpful as a starter kit for people who newly moved to Hamburg like me or even for a weekend or day trip.


I already found so many beautiful places within the last months, that I thought that it would make sense to write different Hamburg guides from time to time. This first Guide is a recommendation for my fav hairdresser - INES JUHL.


Before I make an appointment to get my hair done, I always try to have a little chat with the hairdresser first to get a better feeling if we are both on the same page. In this case, I fell in love from the beginning. The salon is in the first floor, right in the middle of Hamburg & perfect location for a relaxing beauty treatment.


Ines is a self-confident & beautiful young business woman with an inspiring love for her job - to make the rest of the world more beautiful & to get the best out of you. She always discusses with the client what she or he wants first before getting started. For her it's very important that both agree to the plans & she would never try something impossible just to fulfill a dream. Some dreams need more that one appointpoint.


In my case my hair was too long and not shiny enough. Ines recommenend a new, more twisty cut and an ola plex treatment.


Olaplex is a hair repair treatment that’s getting heaps of buzz in the hair community, especially with people who have damaged hair from excessive bleach. It’s available in a couple of forms – Olaplex can be mixed in with colouring products to minimise damage, or used as a separate treatment. I was very impressed how shiny and soft my hair was and still is.


the INES JUHL Team includes two (very talented) hairdressers, one trainee and Ines herself. They work together as a team & the spirit in the salon is friendly and familial. After Ines cutted my hair, Julia started with the coloration. We decided to go for shiny Paintings to get my hair lighter. I am very happy with the result from the Cut & the Paintings & what was very important is that I had a good time there. Good Conversations, a little massage, good coffee...


I can't wait for the next beauty day with the INES JUHL Team. More Informations? here.


All the Best,



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new co-bloggers: welcome to vicki & Miri

Hi Pearls,


I have big news for you today. I'm very happy to announce that from today we have two new Co-Bloggers on board.


I recognized the last months that I have not enough time to produce weekly new content & to have this two power girls (& friends) as support is a pleasure.


My wish for this cooperation is that we will learn much much more about topics like: life as a lawyer, career secrets, motivation, lifestyle and more travel posts.


More about my new Co-Bloggers?


Miri is the most intelligent girl I ever met & I'm pretty sure her career as a lawyer will be very successful. She can memorize EVERYTHING (even a 8 digit numerical code). Her cultural background is very impressive. She is half Italian, half German and will start with her Ph.D in January. Very funny & cute is that she is completely overstrained when it comes to things like cooking or household.


Vicki looks like an angel, but she is actually no angel. I can't stop laughing when we're together. She is very ambitious and knows exactly what she expects from herself & others. This is also something I appreciate very much. Life with Vicki as a friend is never (!) boring & I can't wait for her first blogpost.


More about the girls -> here.


All the best,


von herzen: Weihnachtsauktion von Young Wings & thomas Müller

Hi Pearls,


Weihnachten steht kurz bevor...das Fest der Liebe & während sich die meisten auf die gemeinsame Zeit mit der Familie freuen, gibt es andere die gerade in der Weihnachtszeit einen geliebten Menschen, ein Familienmitglied, vermissen. Auch für mich fehlt seit 8 Jahren einer der wichtigsten Menschen und daher ist es mir ein besonderes Anliegen an die Menschen zu erinnern, die einen Teil der Familie verloren haben.


Die Young Wings Stiftung hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht Erwachsene, deren Lebenspartner verstorben ist und Kinder & Jugendliche nach dem Tod eines Elternteils zu unterstützen.


Mit den Hilfsangeboten bietet Young Wings vielfältige Möglichkeiten, sich mit der eigenen Trauer und dem Verlust auseinander zu setzen.  Dabei werden die Betroffenen individuell begleitet und erhalten ein für sie passendes Hilfsangebot. Es gibt Angebote im Kinder-, Jugend- und Erwachsenenbereich und kompetente Partner wie die Trauma Ambulanzen der Universitäten München, die Koordinierungsstelle Nachsorge, Opfer- und Angehörigenhilfe (NOAH) des Bundesamts für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe, das Bayerische Sozialministerium sowie Anwälte und Steuerberater. Das Konzept der Begleitung von Betroffenen orientiert sich an der Notwendigkeit einer langfristigen und nachhaltigen Hilfe.


Botschafter von Young Wings ist der Fußballer Thomas Müller vom FC Bayern München. Dieser hat es sich zur Aufgabe macht den Verein aktiv zu unterstützen und hat dafür eine Weihnachtsauktion ins Leben gerufen. Wer zum Beispiel schon immer mit Thomas Müller & seiner Frau Lisa Spaghetti essen wollte, kann hier mitbieten und verschiedene tolle Aktionen oder Weihnachtsgeschenke ersteigern.


Hier gehts zur Weihnachtsauktion von Young Wings.


Wenn nichts für euch bei der Auktion dabei ist, könnt ihr trotzdem Gutes tun und die Stiftung mit einer Spende unterstützen.




Hauck & Aufhäuser

Kontonr.: 76666 05

BLZ: 502 209 00

IBAN: DE21 5022 0900 0007 6666 05


Alles Liebe,



Photo: Dodojewels


The truth about: Business cards - Useless or still important

Hi Pearls,


I recognize that more and more people don’t have business cards. So I asked myself in a world of digitalisation is there no more need for business cards?


I talked to Colleagues & Friends to find out what they think about business cards and there are different reasons why people don’t use business cards.


1. Financial Reasons: They don’t want to spent money for business cards. It’s cheaper to send contact details via mail or messenger.


2. Ecological Reasons: There are also people who don’t want to waste paper for business cards. 3. Digitalisation: There is no “offline” communication between f.e. client and supplier and so they only need virtual business cards.


All of the reasons above are acceptable, but what are the reasons to keep the business card alive? I thought about my daily work life and all the moments a business card was valuable for me.


Business Meetings: This depends on your work position and industry, but especially when you work in a client related position and you are in business meetings more often than a view times a year a business card is necessary. The advantage is that you show your credibility and your (potential) client is keeping something physical from you.


Exhibitions: It doesn’t matter if you are exhibition staff or only a visitor. If you already have a prepared, printed business card, it’s much easier to hand over your contact details and this can be a big advantage for you.


Unexpected Reasons: During my career I had different unexpected reasons, where a business card was very helpful. One day my phone was broken and so I w as not able to send out my contact details immediately. The other day I met a potential client on a business lunch.


For me there are the three main Reasons why we can’t abandon the business card (even when it’s seems odd sometimes). But there is big difference between business cards & there are some recommendations you can use for your own:


I think what is pretty important is that we have a bridge between the physical and the digital business card. The best way to build this bridge is to print a QR Code on the physical business card. The advantage is that the other person just need to scan the QR Code with the smartphone and is able to import your contact details directly.


It’s also important to have a good & clean design what fit’s to your business. A huge selection of designs with an acceptable price value is f.e. available here.


Don’t underestimate the meaning of a business card & stop saving business cards for special occasions & start using them to spread your contact details & to exceed your network.


Best, Amelie