9 Style RULES every working WOMAN should FOLLOW

Hello Pearls,


especially for those who are Office "newbies": Which Rules apply for the perfect Office Outfit und what you should pay attention of in particular?


we love the following 9 Tip's from the website: whowhatwear.com and share them with you here on the Blog.


P.S. Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance (Coco Chanel)


Rule 1: Your neckline should never be lower than 4 inches (10 cm) below your collarbone.


Rule 2: Sleeveless tops should extend to the edges of your shoulders. No spaghetti straps allowed!


Rule 3: When in doubt, wear pumps.


Rule 4: Jeans necessitate more formal pairings, like a blazer and smart oxfords.


Rule 5: Make sure all items are pressed and wrinkle-free as possible.


Rule 6: Don't go overboard with print mixing. A subtle stripe and floral is on point.


Rule 7: If you wear a slightly sheer top, make sure to top it with a blazer. Wear a camisole underneath to be extra safe.


Rule 8: The safest hemline is at the knee. Never go shorter than a few inches above the knee. (We think if you have the body to wear it a bit more short, it's definitly okay)


Rule 9: If you want to wear a bold piece like printed pants, balance it with polished items, like a crisp white blouse.


More you can find HERE.


What are your Do's and Dont's for your Office Outfit?



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