SUMMER in the OFFICE (#whattowear)

Hi Pearls,


It's getting hot in Munich and as #officegirls we have to work during the week instead of relaxing at the pool, beach or whatever.

So the question is WHAT TO WEAR?


You don't have a dress code? Lucky you, but for all others we have following hints.


Here are our tips for summer office styles:

  • SKIRTS: In all colours, but not to tight and to short, that is much more comfortable for hot days.
  • SILK: Fits not to tight and it's comfortable for the skin, keep it cool.
  • USE LAYERS: Inside the office we have 20 degree and outside 35 degree? Please bring a jacket or a cute cardigan to avoid a bad cold.
  • COLOURS: always combine a classy outfit with something special (Bag, Shoes, Jewelery etc.).

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year, but sometimes I have problems to motivate myself to work, when the weather is nice and sunny. In this case I motivate myself with Icecream during lunch breaks and after work drinks wth my girls. And soon I have my holiday break and I will be #outofoffice for two weeks just to enjoy life and refueling my energy sources for the upcoming work challenges.




XOXO, Amelie



My Outfit:


Top: Laurel

Skirt: Sand Copenhagen (HW 2015)

Shoes: Zara

Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Enrico Pucci

Jewelery: Tiffany and Fossil

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