On the way to the top - Interview with Anne-Valérie Hash, chief designer


Today's "way to the top" interview revolves around Anne-Valérie Hash. She is best known as the chief designer of Comptoir de Cotonniers. Last month I had the chance to meet her in person, while she was in Munich to present her new SS16 collection.


Valerie was born in 1971 in Paris and discovered her passion for fashion very early. She studied at the "Ecole des Arts Appliqués Duperré" and also the fashion school of the Paris Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. During her studies she completed internships at various fashion companies such as Dior, Chanel and Chloé.

Today, the designer lives with her husband and their two children in Paris.


Anne-Valérie Hash
Anne-Valérie Hash

Valérie, thank you very much for this interview.  It's an honor to meet you. We are orienting ourselves as young women, of course, on successful women like you. What means “success” for you personally?


For me, success means the way to manage and mix your personal life and your career.  It’s impossible to be happy if you have only the career or only a personal life (family). I don’t care about my career, when my family is not in a good condition, but I don’t want to sit bored at home.  So to combine both in a good balance, that is success.



How can you combine both, do you have a special recipe?


When I am with my family, I cut my phone and I’m just with them. When I work I need to be focused on what I have to do, and then even my husband is only calling me in urgent cases.  I know he would love to call me four times a day, but this is not possible, but SMS is okay (Valerie smiles).



During work, do you have a clear schedule or is every day different?


Every day is different and this is depending on my mood. That mood depends on the weather, my schedule, the people I'm going to meet, how you left your home, the mood of my kids…so every day is different. I’m a very positive person and I try to start the day with a smile, but it’s not possible every day. And this is also the reason why I am a different women every day. Sometimes I want to be sexy, sometimes I want to be masculine. Sometimes I wear high heels, sometimes I prefer sneakers.


Amelie, Pressday SS16, Comptoir de Contonniers
Amelie, Pressday SS16, Comptoir de Contonniers

Wow Valérie, thanks for sharing this wise words with us and our followers. Is there a fav quote or a motto for you in your life?


"To be happy just  to be alive." It’s the most beautiful present to be alive in a good health and we often forget that. Because we don’t decide when we come to earth and we also can not decide when we have to leave. It’s not easy, because we have so many little problems and we are stressed, but we need to stay positive- just to be alive.



What would you recommend to young women like us to be successful and having a family. First carrier or first family?


I started personally by career and this was good, because when I met my husband he had no choice. I already had my career. If you start by family I think it’s more difficult to go to work and have a career. My recommendation is to first focus on your career and for me it was fate that I met my husband.. I was so focused. He asked me to marry him and then my lived changed.



Thank you for this interesting Interview Valerie. Not only your designs are inspiring, you are as well.


The new SS16 collection from Valerie is out now, and you can see in her designs her mood and her passion for fashion. We hope that we can show you more of her collection, when the winter is over and we all need little spring inspirations. What we love personally is that the clothes are light and perfect for business as well as no business days.



Thank you and all the best,




the new SS16 collection is available online or in store.

out fav pieces from the the new SS16 collection
out fav pieces from the the new SS16 collection

Valérie &  Amelie, Pressday SS16
Valérie & Amelie, Pressday SS16

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