Roadtrip dolce vita - Forte dei marmi and Portofino

Hi Pearls,


last week I spent amazing days with my munich blogger crew on a roadtrip trough Italy (@theblondemacaron, @viktoria.kristina, @miss_finny).


We drove from Munich to Forte dei Marmi in about 7 hours, where we stayed in a beautiful house. The advantage of a house instead of a hotel is:

  • More space (important for girls with a lot of clothes and shoes),
  • Save money (for shopping) and
  • A base to explore the cities around (and in our case the best view ever for breakfast).

From my perspective the best thing about Italy is always the food, especially everything including sea food. From the six days in total we spent 3 days at the beach and 3 days exploring the area. So here you go with my fav spots from last week holidays:




Forte is very well known for all the luxury shops and celebrities who visit this beautiful little sea village every year. It's very close to the long beach. If you want to relax at the beach, you need to reserve a little tent or at least a sun bed, because there is no public beach in this area. There are multiple opportunities in Forte but we discovered this two beach/sun bed providers as very good choices:




Gilda: is a very old and famous Restaurant/Bar (with GREAT food) ; Tents (including 2 sunbeds & 2 chairs & towels ) from 50 Euro, here.

Bagno Belvedere: If you want to combine a city shopping trip and the beach - this is the place to be. Tents from 30 Euro, here.




Forte is also a very cute village & it's worth a little sightseeing/shopping trip. If you love sea food in a unconstrained atmosphere, the street food at the Restaurant Pesce Baracca is so amazing, that we stopped twice to have lunch there. For all the sushi lovers out there, there is a cute sushi Restaurant called Kooka. You have to try the Lyn Green Roll, it's delicious & looks amazing.




Shopping in Forte del Marmi is perfect for a huge budget.  You can find stores of all the famous luxury brands, like Gucci, LV, Dior ..But even if you don't want to spent thousands of euros, there are a lot of cute little italian stores with beautiful accessories, clothes and shoes. Very famous is the shoe designer Mauro Volponi, who is owning a store and a little outlet inside the city with handmade italian shoe design (so in love). We all found some cute things at a little store called Babol ( check their IG here). My fav piece was a self designed vintage levis hot pan. For the early birds there is a market (one of the best in this area with great cashmere products). It's every Wednesday and Sunday from 8 to 12am in the middle of the village.




Forte is very well known for great summer parties. The most famous club  is the twiga beach club by Flavio Briatorre located directly at the beach & perfect to enjoy life by the fullest. Not that luxury, but a good & traditional club (since 1923) is the Cappannina di Franceschi club. Girls just wanna have fun.



We had Mirjam by our side, who is half italian and knew already most of the great places around Forte. This is so helpful to discover places & restaurants you can't find in your travel guide. So ask locales for advice, they are all very helpful.

shop my outfit by, hat by @loevenichstyle
shop my outfit by, hat by @loevenichstyle
perfect beach day @Gilda
perfect beach day @Gilda

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shop our hats @

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shop our beach espadrilles @espadrij



It's a 1,5 hour drive from Forte and it's a very famous beautiful little village. There is only one parking garage, so if you don't want to walk half an hour you should come in the morning. In Portofino it's all about cute, colorful houses and delicious ice cream. It's also a bit touristic, but this is caused by the beautiful little village itself. We walked around and the city and did the scenic walk to the castle & the church. Behind the church is a beautiful cemetery with an amazing sea view.




Is the Gelateria Molo, if you walk through the city on the right hand side - lemon and 70% chocolate are our favorites blends.




The village in front of Portofino is called Santa Margherita Ligura &  it's perfect to have lunch there & explore the cute village and beach (and not that touristic compared to Portofino).


We also went to the following cities for lunch & dinner: Portovenere ( VERY beautiful) & Lerici (perfect for dinner with sea view).


Love, Amelie


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shop our espadrilles

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