The truth about - co-operative master degree & Life update

Hi Pearls,


I spent the whole summer weekend with my new love - MY MASTER THESIS.


Sounds better than it’s actually is. I'm in the last chapter of my student life (finally) and I'm working on my master thesis right now.  I decided to give you a better impression on what I think about a co-operative master study & how you can survive an adventure like this.




I already passed my bachelor degree with a co-operative program and so I experienced the advantage of working & studying on the same time. The advantages are gaining experience, while earning money. If you want to get your master degree (at least in Germany) beside work, you need to plan +10k study fees. I started because I got a promotion from work. That means that my company took over all the fees. I think it was also a great chance to grow my skills while finishing my academic career with a master degree.




Honestly, it is very difficult. In my case I had to go to University every Wednesday & Friday evening and on Saturdays. So the last two years my weekend mostly consists on the Sunday & during exam periods there was no weekend at all. But this is no reason not to start with a master study, but you should ask yourself if you can live with that situation for a while. To combine both you need the support of your management & your colleagues and of course a very good time management. It’s all about setting priorities.



YES and NO. I definitely underestimated the amount of work and time, I had to invest in this degree. Sometimes I had the impression it’s too much effort for the result I get at the end. But skipping is never (!) an option & so I’m proud that I hopefully can call myself Master of disaster soon.


I would also start again, because my company pushed and supported the study program. This is one of the most important parts. If your company don’t support your degree, it’s much harder to finish with a successful result. And If I look back now, all the experience I made in terms of time management, skills, new contacts…there are now open doors, I never ever have imagined.




My plan is to finish my master thesis in August and to take September off to travel. I haven’t booked any flights yet, but California & Bali is on my list.


I also decided to start blogging on a more regular base. Maybe some of you already recognized that I took over the blog. I started this blog with the vision to create a platform for young career women on their way to the top & I want to continue with many more interesting content about career topics, interviews etc. ...!


I already shared my thoughts about moving abroad and it’s still on my long term career plan. For now I decided to stay in Germany, but there will be some big changes coming up in autumn. So stay tuned…I can’t wait to tell you more!


All the best,



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