beautiful nails to go part II

Hi Pearls,


only a few months ago I tested different do it yourself nail polish alternatives (here). At work it's very important to have well polished & long lasting opportunities for the nails. My problem was most of the times that my nails started to break or tear after a few days. I tried different nail hardener & polishes, but the problem was still the same. Especially during busy work periods I need a solution not to take care about my nails every second day.


Some weeks ago I read through an article in one of my fav magazines. Their special recommendation for girls with easily broken nails was to use a glass file instead of a normal file.I was very surprised that the solution for my problem could be that easy & so I ordered a glass file set from Mont-Bleu. They are one of the most famous glass file brands with huge expertise  & it was also a recommendation from one of my colleagues.

So I started to use the glass file Set & I'm very happy with the result. Here are some advantages I discovered during using them on a regular base.

  • They are very hygienic - they are easy to clean with water
  • It's long lasting - You can use the glass file for years, because they don't loose their surface
  • Save time - It's possible to treat/file polished nails without destroying the nail polish
  • Less broken and torn nails - the result is more smooth compared to a normal file
  • Great design (f.e: with real swarovski crystals)

I never thought that I would recommend something like a file, but it's a HUGE difference (for sure if you have problems with broken nails) & It's my personal beauty find this month. The "Investment" is with about 20 Euro well invested, because the glass file can do her job for years.


There are multiple possibilities to order them online.  As always I ordered my glass file through amazon (here). But you can order them also direct through their German online shop (here). For purchases  from the US/UK (here).

With the code "BLOG" you receive a 20% discount for your first Mont-Bleu purchase.





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    Lisa (Friday, 05 August 2016 19:31)

    Love the blog post! Need to buy one - thank you for the recommendation!

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    Irene Thayer (Tuesday, 09 August 2016 21:33)

    This is so inspiring! I love the post:)