about "the" dress and white dreams - mykonos part i

Hi Pearls,


When I was a little girl I travelled the first time to Greece with my parents . From this moment I fell in love with olives, feta cheese & the friendly people there. Unfortunately it took more than 12 years until I travelled there again. 


I already talked about why and how I booked this journey (here). So I spent the last week on Mykonos. The island is very cute (little and simple) and for all who only know the white streets of Mykonos town - the rest of the island is completely brown. The barkeeper from the Pool bar told me that the last rain they had was in May and the weather is awesome every day, because it's most of the time very windy (take care of you hair).


I decided to write two posts about my Mykonos trip. I'm working on a travel video at the moment and I can't wait to hear you feedback (filmed by a dji drone and a go pro cam). All travel recommendations will be up together with the video within the next week.


This post is about "the dress" every girl fell in love with. It's a flower dress from Zara which was sold out in the first few days. The shooting location was right in the middle of the beautiful streets of Mykonos town. The place is magical and romantic and If it's worth the hype?..it is!


Take care. Love,




P.S. My September adventure isn't over now - stay tuned for my upcoming trip to Bali.


Dress: Zara

Bag: Valentino

Shoes: Emanuelle Vee

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