The truth about: Business cards - Useless or still important

Hi Pearls,


I recognize that more and more people don’t have business cards. So I asked myself in a world of digitalisation is there no more need for business cards?


I talked to Colleagues & Friends to find out what they think about business cards and there are different reasons why people don’t use business cards.


1. Financial Reasons: They don’t want to spent money for business cards. It’s cheaper to send contact details via mail or messenger.


2. Ecological Reasons: There are also people who don’t want to waste paper for business cards. 3. Digitalisation: There is no “offline” communication between f.e. client and supplier and so they only need virtual business cards.


All of the reasons above are acceptable, but what are the reasons to keep the business card alive? I thought about my daily work life and all the moments a business card was valuable for me.


Business Meetings: This depends on your work position and industry, but especially when you work in a client related position and you are in business meetings more often than a view times a year a business card is necessary. The advantage is that you show your credibility and your (potential) client is keeping something physical from you.


Exhibitions: It doesn’t matter if you are exhibition staff or only a visitor. If you already have a prepared, printed business card, it’s much easier to hand over your contact details and this can be a big advantage for you.


Unexpected Reasons: During my career I had different unexpected reasons, where a business card was very helpful. One day my phone was broken and so I w as not able to send out my contact details immediately. The other day I met a potential client on a business lunch.


For me there are the three main Reasons why we can’t abandon the business card (even when it’s seems odd sometimes). But there is big difference between business cards & there are some recommendations you can use for your own:


I think what is pretty important is that we have a bridge between the physical and the digital business card. The best way to build this bridge is to print a QR Code on the physical business card. The advantage is that the other person just need to scan the QR Code with the smartphone and is able to import your contact details directly.


It’s also important to have a good & clean design what fit’s to your business. A huge selection of designs with an acceptable price value is f.e. available here.


Don’t underestimate the meaning of a business card & stop saving business cards for special occasions & start using them to spread your contact details & to exceed your network.


Best, Amelie

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