new co-bloggers: welcome to vicki & Miri

Hi Pearls,


I have big news for you today. I'm very happy to announce that from today we have two new Co-Bloggers on board.


I recognized the last months that I have not enough time to produce weekly new content & to have this two power girls (& friends) as support is a pleasure.


My wish for this cooperation is that we will learn much much more about topics like: life as a lawyer, career secrets, motivation, lifestyle and more travel posts.


More about my new Co-Bloggers?


Miri is the most intelligent girl I ever met & I'm pretty sure her career as a lawyer will be very successful. She can memorize EVERYTHING (even a 8 digit numerical code). Her cultural background is very impressive. She is half Italian, half German and will start with her Ph.D in January. Very funny & cute is that she is completely overstrained when it comes to things like cooking or household.


Vicki looks like an angel, but she is actually no angel. I can't stop laughing when we're together. She is very ambitious and knows exactly what she expects from herself & others. This is also something I appreciate very much. Life with Vicki as a friend is never (!) boring & I can't wait for her first blogpost.


More about the girls -> here.


All the best,