viKtoria's way to keep the balance - yoga

 Hi Pearls,


A new year always means new resolutions and new goals.


Nowadays all that matters is what job you have, how many hours you work, how much money you make...


When we talk about free time, what we really mean is going on dates, meeting friends, taking cooking classes or watching a new Netflix series.


But in reality the expression "free time" should mean doing nothing.


Who of you has recently spent 30 minutes with himself? I don´t mean being alone in a room, but to deal with yourself, with your own thoughts, simply doing nothing. For most people the thought of sitting a half hour alone in a room, relaxing without anything to do is inconceivable. Actually there was an experiment by Timothy Wilson, where the people had to decide sitting on a chair in an empty room without any activity or getting an non-obligatory electro shock - 75 % of the men and 25% of the women chose the electro shock…


My life looked basically like that one year ago. Besides learning for my exams I tried to experience as much as possible in my free time - to tell the truth, I still try.


But since one year there is something that helps me keep balance in life - YOGA. It helps me to come down after stressful days. Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety. The first times I felt like I was bored to death. These 90 minutes passed so slowly and I caught myself watching at the clock every few minutes. But after my yoga lesson there was every time the feeling of freedom and calmness. In the beginning I always went out for the yoga lessons to have this feeling afterwards. At some point, however, I could feel the feeling during the exercises. In the meantime one could say I am addicted to this feeling, finally turn off and not have to rush. There are different types of yoga.


Some of them are still too inactive and motionless for me, which is why I prefer „Tri Yoga“ and „Yivamutki Yoga“. These types also focus on breathing - special techniques, which help to maintain a long-standing position and to withstand the stress of the muscles holding the positions. At the end of each yoga session there is a meditation in which one is sitting or standing 15 minutes in a relaxed position. After a year of regular exercise for me it is no strain but a pleasure to lie still 15 minutes and to do nothing.


What I want to tell you is that it is not impossible to give yourself time and to come back to rest. It may be hard at first, but it is worth the effort! So start pearls and get back to yourself! If you want to try it I can recommend the „Body & Soul“ group - there are several courses offered daily and you can use the offers of all different studios as there are six in Munich. If you are looking for a pure yoga studio I would recommend the "Jivamutki Yogaloft Gärtnerplatz“.


So let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning and the best that you can!


Lots of Love,


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