SS17 - Officegirls feat Spring 2017

Hi Pearls,


how to create a business outfit, which fits perfectly for spring but is still elegant and perfect for the next business trip?


I started with a printed skirt with different spring colours like rose, blue and white. In my opinion to mix at least two colours and not go for more than three is the key of a great work style.


The key piece is the beautiful rosy coat which is my fav part of the outfit.It enhances the look and on the same time it's perfect for a too wintery Spring (like we have atm).


Some more trends this Year?

  • Go for floral patterns, stripes and add ruffles to your wardrobe.
  • Yellow power: This season shades of red and blue for yellow. A yellow top or a stole can add zing to your otherwise boring outfit.
  • Ruffles trend doesn't seem to be dying anytime soon. They are fun, feminine and can take any outfit to a dramatic high. A green plain collar pleated blouse with ruffles on the sleeves can enhance your office look immediately. Slip on an off-shoulder white ruffle layered blouse with a pair of jeans or a tie neck ruffle top and a leather midi skirt for a night out to ramp up the cool-girl vibe.



Rock Key - here:

Ledergurtel Odile - here:

Trenchcoat Kool - here:

T-shirt Next - here:
Jacke Maite - here:


Facebook @123pageofficielle

Instagram Twitter @1_2_3_paris



Thanks to 1 2 3 Paris!


Love, Amelie


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PINK Blossom - spring fashion update

Hi Pearls,


Winter is finally GONE and everywhere the nature seems to wake up. And this change is not only a wake up call for the nature, it's also time to fresh up our mood and of course our wardrobe. If you ask me what trends you should follow this season ? Go for comfy looks and pieces who are perfect for the office and the weekend.


As always we prefer light colors for spring - rose, light blue or white. But how to combine the comfortable sneaker trend & a beautiful flower dress?


My recommendation is to combine it with a mini designer bag, cool sunglasses and a smile. To enhance my look I decided to go for a blue wild leather jacket from 1.2.3. Paris.


As this look is something which fits perfectly to a spring weekend, I will update you soon about my fav office spring looks. As I already pointed out -  fashion should always show your personality and to keep our standards high is much more important than to follow every seasonal trend.


Please share your thoughts, about this look.


xx, Amelie

Dress: Zara

Leather Jacket: 1.2.3. Paris, similiar here

Shoes: Kennel & Schmenger

Bag: Valentino

Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Clubround



Photo Credit: Thanks to the fabulous Marie. More information (here)

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get rid of your stuff & make someone else happy

Hi Pearls,


mein überfüllter Kleiderschrank war das erste Anzeichen dafür, dass ich dringend etwas ändern musste. Auf der anderen Seite steht der Herbst kurz bevor und damit auch die schönen neuen Herbsttrends, die in meinem Schrank Platz brauchen.


Vor einiger Zeit habe ich damit begonnen, meine Sachen auf Kleiderkreisel zu verkaufen. In erster Linie um Platz für Neues zu schaffen. Aber auch weil ich es schade finde, wenn die Sachen nur in meinem Schrank sind und nicht getragen werden. Ich finde es traurig, dass wir immer mehr Kleidung einfach wegwerfen, anstatt sie weiterzugeben. Der Nachhaltigkeitsgedanke spielt auch Privat eine immer größere Rolle und ich finde es ist schön, dass es bei Plattformen wie Kleiderkreisel möglich ist, Kleidung auch zu verschenken.


Das Verkaufen von Kleidung, Taschen usw. geht super easy mit der Kleiderkreisel App und oft brauche ich keine 5 Minuten, um ein schönes Angebot einzustellen. Dabei habe ich in der Verkaufsphase wirklich interessante (lustige & kuriose) Fragen beantwortet: Ist das Kleid für ein Date geeignet? Kann ich es umtauschen, wenn es mir nicht passt? (wir sind hier nicht bei Zalando) oder macht die Hose eine schlanke Taille? Obwohl ich versuche immer die wichtigsten Informationen im Angebot anzugeben, wird sehr oft nach den genauen Maßen gefragt. Deshalb ist es ratsam, diese vorher abzumessen. Mein bester Verkaufstipp ist es, Tragebilder zu machen -dann kann man sich die schönen Teile direkt angezogen vorstellen & man ist deutlich schneller erfolgreich mit dem Account.


Mein süßestes Erlebnis war ein Mädchen, dass ganz dringend ein Kleid für eine Hochzeit am übernächsten Tag gebraucht hat. Durch die Bezahlmöglichkeiten (Kreditkarte, Paypal usw.) konnte ich das Kleid am nächsten Tag per Express verschicken und später hat sie mir ein Bild von sich in meinem Kleid geschickt und sich bedankt. Ich freue mich, wenn die Trägerin sich später nochmal meldet und sagt, ob ihr das Teil gefällt und ich mach es bei einem Kauf genauso.

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about "the" dress and white dreams - mykonos part i

Hi Pearls,


When I was a little girl I travelled the first time to Greece with my parents . From this moment I fell in love with olives, feta cheese & the friendly people there. Unfortunately it took more than 12 years until I travelled there again. 


I already talked about why and how I booked this journey (here). So I spent the last week on Mykonos. The island is very cute (little and simple) and for all who only know the white streets of Mykonos town - the rest of the island is completely brown. The barkeeper from the Pool bar told me that the last rain they had was in May and the weather is awesome every day, because it's most of the time very windy (take care of you hair).


I decided to write two posts about my Mykonos trip. I'm working on a travel video at the moment and I can't wait to hear you feedback (filmed by a dji drone and a go pro cam). All travel recommendations will be up together with the video within the next week.


This post is about "the dress" every girl fell in love with. It's a flower dress from Zara which was sold out in the first few days. The shooting location was right in the middle of the beautiful streets of Mykonos town. The place is magical and romantic and If it's worth the hype? is!


Take care. Love,




P.S. My September adventure isn't over now - stay tuned for my upcoming trip to Bali.


Dress: Zara

Bag: Valentino

Shoes: Emanuelle Vee

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like bavarian princesses - dirndl Trends  of 2016

Hi Pearls,


as a citizen of the Bavarian capital Munich you start to think about the upcoming Oktoberfest (& of course the perfect dirndl) at least weeks before the official start. There is a huge selection of different styles available and as always the dress should be trendy but not boring. If you explore the fashion magazines & websites about the Dirndl Trends 2016 there is one trend everywhere - less is more - the colours are very light. No bright colours and the trend colours are taupe, silver, champagne, light rose, light blue...& much more traditional compared to the last years.


This year I started together with my munich squad (@viktoria.kristina & @miss_finny) to look out for the perfect bavarian dream drindl. And because we all love online shopping, our challenge was to find not a only something beautiful but also affordable online. However we finally solved the challenge with the WIRKES online store here.


First we were sceptical because we were not so sure about the quality standards, but when we finally opened the package we were more than happy - they look and feel gorgeous!


If you think about your perfect dress too - go for it ! With the code Wirkes&Pearls you save 5% for your next purchase.






Thanks to:

Wirkes /

Photo: Tanjusha Chulkova

MUA: Isabella Steigenberger

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ethno summer and gucci dionysus

Hi Pearls,


It's Berlin Fashionweek this week & so it's time to show you my fav summer ethno outfit. I like to mix and match colors and brands. For my birthday the present from me to myself was a beautiful large Gucci Dionysus bag & after a few month all I can say is - It's the perfect bag to enhance every cute summer outfit.


We choose Cinque Terre as Shooting location.The Cinque Terre  is a rugged portion of coast on the Italian Riviera. It is in the Liguria region of Italy, to the west of the city of La Spezia, and comprises five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Over the centuries, people have carefully built terraces on the rugged, steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea. Part of its charm is the lack of visible corporate development. Paths, trains and boats connect the villages, and cars cannot reach them from the outside.





Dress & Shoes: Italian Design

Bag: Gucci

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summer vibes feat @mimeetmoi

Hi Pearls,


Just a few weeks ago I met the team from mime et moi in Munich & their shoe innovation is (especially for #officegirls like us) amazing! The Innovation is a five-shoes-in-one concept. You can switch from flats to heels in only a few seconds. For the shoot I decided to go for the red & gold mime et moi with 10cm heels. They are designed in Germany & made in Spain with the highest quality standards.

I had a lot of fun while shooting this look, so I'm sure you will definitely have fun, too by watching the results.  

And a little hint for all the EM football fans among you - I will go with black-red-gold!


Get your own dream heels & more Information about mime et moi  here.






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Spring feelings @work

Hi Pearls,


It's already March and the fabulous spring time is only a few days ahead. Because of the beautiful weather we need to update our business outfits and so we decided to show you two looks which fits perfectly for the upcoming season. Even if we are not ready for very bright colors yet, the mix between a lot of white with blue and brown is a great combination for the perfect spring business look. And to create something special we integrated a touch of folk, lace and beautiful leather pieces.


1.2.3 Paris - the name is based on the 3 essentials that a perfect business look make: 1. a jacket, 2. a well-cut trousers and 3. a silk blouse - et voilà! The design has developed the last years and today the outfits have been enhanced, but the spirit is remained: jackets, pants, coats, dresses, jackets, sweaters, shirts and accessories - times casual, elegant or formal styles.


For us it's important that our business look is not only trendy, but also comfortable. We love to highlight our outfits with some little details to make them individual and more special. Furthermore with details you can give your outfit your personal touch. It is interesting to see how much small details can change your whole outfit in such a positive way.


But be careful to not over style your look with to much details, because also in this situation the principle "less is more" applies. 

In general we want our business outfit especially to be feminine, clean and classy. 1.2.3 Paris has a perfect selection of different styles that combine exactly our imagination of a perfect business look. Below you can see our latest favorite business fashion pieces from 1.2.3 Paris. We are excited how you will like them.


Those who already want to shop the spring trends from 1.2.3 Paris, you find our looks online here With the code "Deutschland" you get rewarded with 10 Euro if you spend over 120 Euro.


You can win a 100 Euro credit, just for comment our blogpost with your name and mailadress & follow @1-2-3paris on Instagram. The winner will be informed via mail.






-In cooperation with 1-2-3 Paris-


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