hamburg guide part ii - elbphilharmonie

Hi Pearls,


this weekend I got spoiled by my love with tickets for the new Elbphilharmonie. I'm still overwhelmed from the Saturday night NDR concert. I could never have imagined how impressive a concert hall & a classic concert could be.


For all who have never heard about the Elphie - It is a concert hall in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg next to the Elbe River. It is one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world.


The project was criticized because of its cost overruns. However the architecture is amazing & it's a new cultural highlight for Hamburg. The Opening with an impressive light show was only three weeks ago & you can feel the hype everywhere. All tickets for the next six months were sold out within the first hours.


For me it was an unique night. Even if you don't listen to classic music very often (like me), the acoustic is an experience I will never forget. If you ask me if it's worth the hype? IT IS!


"sometimes the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. The ones that sweep you off your feet and challenge every view you've ever had."


Love, Amelie



Blazer: Tommy by Gigi

Dress: Couture One

Jewellery: Chopard

Hair & Make Up: INES JUHL


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about "the" dress and white dreams - mykonos part i

Hi Pearls,


When I was a little girl I travelled the first time to Greece with my parents . From this moment I fell in love with olives, feta cheese & the friendly people there. Unfortunately it took more than 12 years until I travelled there again. 


I already talked about why and how I booked this journey (here). So I spent the last week on Mykonos. The island is very cute (little and simple) and for all who only know the white streets of Mykonos town - the rest of the island is completely brown. The barkeeper from the Pool bar told me that the last rain they had was in May and the weather is awesome every day, because it's most of the time very windy (take care of you hair).


I decided to write two posts about my Mykonos trip. I'm working on a travel video at the moment and I can't wait to hear you feedback (filmed by a dji drone and a go pro cam). All travel recommendations will be up together with the video within the next week.


This post is about "the dress" every girl fell in love with. It's a flower dress from Zara which was sold out in the first few days. The shooting location was right in the middle of the beautiful streets of Mykonos town. The place is magical and romantic and If it's worth the hype? is!


Take care. Love,




P.S. My September adventure isn't over now - stay tuned for my upcoming trip to Bali.


Dress: Zara

Bag: Valentino

Shoes: Emanuelle Vee

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wanderlust 2016 - how to find the perfect escape

Hi Pearls,


letzte Woche hatte ich spontan ein paar Tage frei und bin in meine Heimat an den Bodensee gefahren. Ich wollte für einen Moment raus aus dem Alltagsstress und in Ruhe abschalten. Am liebsten hätte ich mich aber sofort in den Flieger gesetzt um ein neues Land zu entdecken, in dem ich zuvor noch nie war. Ich hatte so richtig Fernweh. Ich wollte an einen Ort über den ich nicht viel wusste und trotzdem Sehnsucht nach ihm hatte. Es gibt Menschen, die permanent das Gefühl haben weg zu müssen- sozusagen die Diagnose „Fernweh“. Ganz so extrem ist es bei mir jedoch nicht. Für mich geht es darum einfach mal abzuschalten.


Ich habe mich sehr intensiv damit beschäftigt, meinen Sommerurlaub zu planen. Dabei bin ich auf die Homepage von JAHN REISEN aufmerksam geworden. Was mir gefallen hat ist das der Veranstalter anspruchsvolle Urlaube plant, für Leute die auf der Suche nach ihrem Traumurlaub sind. Oft weiß man ja am Anfang überhaupt nicht, wo man anfangen soll zu suchen. Strandurlaub? Hotel? Städtetrip? All inclusive? Ferienwohnung? Mit oder ohne Hund?

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Inside Munich - Jimmy Choo fashion High tea

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Roadtrip dolce vita - Forte dei marmi and Portofino

Hi Pearls,


last week I spent amazing days with my munich blogger crew on a roadtrip trough Italy (@theblondemacaron, @viktoria.kristina, @miss_finny).


We drove from Munich to Forte dei Marmi in about 7 hours, where we stayed in a beautiful house. The advantage of a house instead of a hotel is:

  • More space (important for girls with a lot of clothes and shoes),
  • Save money (for shopping) and
  • A base to explore the cities around (and in our case the best view ever for breakfast).

From my perspective the best thing about Italy is always the food, especially everything including sea food. From the six days in total we spent 3 days at the beach and 3 days exploring the area. So here you go with my fav spots from last week holidays:




Forte is very well known for all the luxury shops and celebrities who visit this beautiful little sea village every year. It's very close to the long beach. If you want to relax at the beach, you need to reserve a little tent or at least a sun bed, because there is no public beach in this area. There are multiple opportunities in Forte but we discovered this two beach/sun bed providers as very good choices:




Gilda: is a very old and famous Restaurant/Bar (with GREAT food) ; Tents (including 2 sunbeds & 2 chairs & towels ) from 50 Euro, here.

Bagno Belvedere: If you want to combine a city shopping trip and the beach - this is the place to be. Tents from 30 Euro, here.




Forte is also a very cute village & it's worth a little sightseeing/shopping trip. If you love sea food in a unconstrained atmosphere, the street food at the Restaurant Pesce Baracca is so amazing, that we stopped twice to have lunch there. For all the sushi lovers out there, there is a cute sushi Restaurant called Kooka. You have to try the Lyn Green Roll, it's delicious & looks amazing.




Shopping in Forte del Marmi is perfect for a huge budget.  You can find stores of all the famous luxury brands, like Gucci, LV, Dior ..But even if you don't want to spent thousands of euros, there are a lot of cute little italian stores with beautiful accessories, clothes and shoes. Very famous is the shoe designer Mauro Volponi, who is owning a store and a little outlet inside the city with handmade italian shoe design (so in love). We all found some cute things at a little store called Babol ( check their IG here). My fav piece was a self designed vintage levis hot pan. For the early birds there is a market (one of the best in this area with great cashmere products). It's every Wednesday and Sunday from 8 to 12am in the middle of the village.




Forte is very well known for great summer parties. The most famous club  is the twiga beach club by Flavio Briatorre located directly at the beach & perfect to enjoy life by the fullest. Not that luxury, but a good & traditional club (since 1923) is the Cappannina di Franceschi club. Girls just wanna have fun.



We had Mirjam by our side, who is half italian and knew already most of the great places around Forte. This is so helpful to discover places & restaurants you can't find in your travel guide. So ask locales for advice, they are all very helpful.

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48h in LONDON - explore ROYAL

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48h in Vienna - explore AUSTRIA

Hi Pearls,


Some weeks ago I spent a beautiful weekend in Vienna. It's only a 4h drive from Munich and so it's very attractive for a weekend trip by car or by train.  Vienna is the capital of Austria and the largest city of Austria. More than 1.8 millon people live in this beautiful city. Vienna belongs to the best ranked cities known for their quality of live & I really can image why, because this city combines a lot.


On one hand you have a beautiful city center, which looks like a very old city and makes one to dream of a time where the "kings & queens" were still alive. And on the other hand Vienna offers a high quality and wide range of cultural activities like museums, art, music and really great cafés and restaurants.


Where to stay?


First you have to decide where you want to stay and how much you want to spent. Vienna is composed in 23 districts and offers many options. The heart of the city is around the "Stephansplatz". I can recommend the Melía Vienna Hotel, which is located in the Donaucity about 7 Minutes away with the train from the city center. The Hotel is within the DC Center, the highest building in Austria and the view from the hotel room is amazing. On the 57th floor you have a great restaurant and lounge, which serves delicous cocktails and food.

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Girls just wanna have fun - lago di Garda


 Hi Pearls,


all of you who follow us on Instagram already saw some of our Lago di Garda Impressions. We had some wonderful days there in August with friends, sunshine and a boat. What do you need more?


If you are located in the South of Germany or in Switzerland or Austria the Lago di Garda is a beautiful destination, and perfect for a Weekend trip (only 4 hours drive from Munich). So we would love to share some of our travel experiences with you.


There a a lot of cute little Villages around the lake. If you have a boat it's easy to cruise around. By Car you should avoid the rush hours. We can recommend Gardone Riviera, where we stayed during our last trips.


Gardone Riviera:


Location: It is situated on the western shore of Lake Garda.


Main sights: The Vittoriale degli Italiani (!) is a former residence of the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio. He donated it to the Italian State before his death. It is now a national monument and houses a MAS fast military ship and the plane on which D'Annunzio raided Vienna. And for photo junkies like us, it's an amazing photo location.


Where to stay:


Villa Florida:

The breathtaking views over beautiful Lake Garda are truly magical from the Hotel Villa Florida; the blue of the lake merges into the subtle green of the surrounding hills, highlighting exquisite Garda Island, the impressive rock of Manerba and the pretty lakeside towns. High above is the magnificent peak of Monte Baldo, which slopes gently down towards the lake and the famous San Vigilio peninsula. The View and breakfast ist amazing!!!
Agli Angeli:
A cute hotel located in the middle of Gardone. It was founded in 1972 and it's running by Patrizia and her dougther with much love. It also offers a cute little pool with Bali flair. Very nice location to chill out. We really can recommend the restaurant from Agli Angeli. Very good, delicious food and the best pizza in town.
What to do?
Visit Salo: Another beautiful town close to Gardone. Salò is a town and comune in the Province of Brescia in the region of Lombardy (northern Italy) on the banks of Lake Garda, on which it has the longest promenade. It's perfect for a ice cream date with your best friend ( or some italian shoe shopping).
Rent a Boat: There are a lot of Boat rental stations around the lake. It depends on what you want to spent and If you have a licence to drive.But it's great to see a lot of the lake and of course the isola del garda.
Isola del Garda: is the biggest island on Lake Garda. It is part of the comune of San Felice del Benaco, in the Province of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. The island has a long and varied history, having been used as a Roman burial ground, pirate lair, a site for a Franciscan monastery, border fortification and as a residential villa. The island has been visited by numerous famous people over the centuries, reportedly including Francis of Assissi, Anthony of Padua and Dante Alighieri. Today, it is covered by a park and is dominated by the Venetian neogothic Villa Borghese Cavazza. Although privately owned by the Cavazza family, Isola del Garda has been open to visitors since 2002 & it's very impressive.
Coco Beach: It´s a beachclub located in Lonato del Garda which you can reach from the lakeside via boat but also from the land side via car. It´s a nice place with white sand, to hang out in a relaxed atmosphere and having a good time with good food, a cocktail and good music. In the main season there are also some good events and normally the DJ´s come at around 5 pm and you can dance throw the night and have a good party.. 
...there are much more to explore, but we want to share our highlights. The best thing was to had some great days together. Girls just wanna have fun.
(and if you wanna have a cute #myradley dog bag, too. You can order your's here.)

 lovely houses in the center of Gardone Riviera

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Because it's passion - #mbfw


 Hallo Pearls,


Eine spannende Modewoche in Berlin geht wieder einmal zu Ende & wir sind mit tollen Impressionen im Gepäck, zurück in München.

Unsere erste gemeinsame Fashionweek in Berlin war super. Wir haben viel gesehen, wenig geschlafen und viele nette Leute kennen gelernt.


Was uns an Berlin besonders gefällt? Die Vielfältigkeit. Jeden Tag eine immense Auswahl an tollen Restaurants, sich fancy kleiden zu können – und das noch im Sommer bei Sonnenschein. - Geht´s besser?


Besonders während der Fashionweek, ist Berlin ein absolutes Highlight.


Wir haben versucht unsere Lieblingsmomente & Highlights während der Fashionweek für euch festzuhalten.


Seht selbst...



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Review I - Dual Master & Life

Ihr Lieben,


ein Sprichwort das mir immer wieder begegnet ist "nothing in live worth having comes easy". Das beschreibt ganz gut meine Erlebnisse der letzten Monate. Mein neuer Job bietet Herausforderungen, ein internationales Arbeitsumfeld und viel Potenzial um zu lernen UND auch wenn mein Job mir Spaß macht, es ist natürlich auch mit viel Arbeit verbunden.



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New Year - New Chances?

2014 Review (Amelie)

Das Jahr ist wie im Fluge vergangen und wenn ich 2014 Revue passieren lasse, ist doch so einiges passiert, was ich vor einem Jahr weder wusste, noch geplant hatte. Ich finde die Erwartungen und Wünsche an das neue Jahr (oft) überzogenen und realitätsfern.

Man hat jeden Tag, die Möglichkeit sein Leben zu ändern und auch wenn ein neues Jahr ein guter Zeitpunkt für einen Neuanfang ist, wenn ihr etwas wirklich wollt, fangt gleich heute an und wartet nicht bis zum 1.Januar darauf.

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