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Hi Pearls,


Some mornings (in my case it's the MONDAY) we can't help but ask ourselves:

Does getting dressed for work ever get any easier?

Actually, make that: Does getting dressed for work ever get less boring?


Day after day, it's easy to fall into the routine of choosing for the same trousers, blouses, and shift dresses. But you shouldn't have to subject yourself to the same three-piece rotation. Why? Because of  the current trends lend themselves to the your office dress code, which means you no longer have to separate your closet between things you can wear to work and things reserved for the weekend.


Many of you who are following me for quite a reasonable time know that I love the French design of 1.2.3 Paris. This season is all about bright colours and I chose red for Winter as the perfect combination to black and white basics.


If the thought of wearing red brings you out in a hot flush, then start out by incorporating accessories into your look or opting for a deeper shade that feels less intrusive. But, if you're a fan then be brave and go for it from top to toe. Just remember to take your cue from the catwalk and embrace the different shades that red comes in to help break up and define your look.


My fav pieces of the look is the red cashmere sweater, because it's super cozy and the black boots with the silver details which enhance every business look, but they are still classy.


I wish you all a great work day!



Thanks to 1.2.3 Paris for the cooperation & special thanks to the man who owns my heart for taking the following photos! 


My 1.2.3 Paris Look:

Coat  here

Blouse here

Jacket here

Jeans here

Sweater here

Scarf  here

Boots  here

Gloves here

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